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Asset & Investment Management

Our investment management services match the personal aims of each client in terms of risks and investment type with opportunities both in the region and beyond. Backed by a global network of locally-selected partners, FFA Real Estate’s expertise provides solutions for commercial or residential investment projects in major European capital cities. Teams of specialists are present throughout the acquisition process in order to advise clients both on the opportunities provided in these markets and the techniques for optimizing these investments. Building on the skills of our qualified, experienced real estate specialists, we also engage with independent, highly regarded consulting firms when carrying out acquisition activities in sub-markets.

Development Management

Our extensive expertise in executing new construction and renovation projects encompasses the capacity to initiate, plan and arrange the financing and execution of real estate developments, and to manage them following completion. The important factor in this process is continuous risk management. The nature and scope of the project developments are closely connected to the needs of the investment vehicles

Marketing & sales management

Our marketing and sales division plays an integral role in our comprehensive approach to real estate.

Leveraging the division’s experience and skills, our developments benefit from effective branding, marketing, communication, and sales.

Real estate investments with benefits

Today’s savvy investor is aware that investing in real estate can be a mean to acquire not only financial gains, but other benefits too. Our expertise in appraising opportunities takes us beyond the region to offer a global perspective, pinpointing real estate markets in which investors can tap into such benefits, which include residency permits, citizenship, or favorable tax regimes. In line with our track record, we specifically target concepts that are impressive in terms of their utilization and revenue generating potential.