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Asset Management

Providing clients with active investment expertise and strategies across the full spectrum of asset classes
The Asset Management Department provides professional investment services to its clients in a number of ways both tailored to the needs of individual clients. By consistently keeping clients informed, focusing on risk-adjusted returns and rapidly adjusting to tactical opportunities and risks, we stand by our clients through market cycles.

Our specialized team provides


Discretionary Asset Mandates

FFA Private Bank (Dubai) Limited provides Discretionary Asset Management mandates to investors who wish to rely on FFA’s expertise to manage their portfolio.
  • The Discretionary Mandates are suitable for investors who prefer to delegate the management of their assets to a professional portfolio manager.
  • The Asset Management Department is responsible for the investment decisions that are undertaken in a discretionary manner respecting the constraints set at the inception of the mandate.
  • FFA Private Bank (Dubai) Limited provides four investment strategies (Conservative, Moderate, Growth, and Aggressive) in order to fulfill the needs of its clients depending on their risk appetite and financial objectives.

The Asset Management Department also provides tailor-made discretionary mandates for specific client needs

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