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Complaints Handling Procedures

FFA Private Bank is dedicated to providing high quality financial services and committed to efficient and effective management of your Complaints in accordance with the DFSA Rules and Regulations.

Complaints will be efficiently and accurately managed by the Customer Relations Unit (CRU) in a timely manner. Clients will be contacted no later than 7 days to acknowledge receipt of their feedback or complaint, using their preferred time and method of communication as stipulated by the Client in the complaint.

In adherence to the DFSA rules and regulations, complaints are aimed to be resolved within 15 business days. In cases where the resolution of a complaint exceeds 30 days, Clients will receive an update.

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you may file a complaint directly with the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA):

  1. Physical Address: DFSA Complaints, PO Box 75850, Dubai, UAE
  2. Online complaints:

  3. A Copy of FFA Private Bank written Complaints Handling Policy is available to Clients upon request and free of charge. Email us at to request for a copy of the policy.

      Clients can submit their Complaints through any of the following official channels:
    1. Visit our offices at DIFC, Gate Precinct, Building 5, office 410. Office hours from Monday to Friday 9:00am -6:00pm
    2. Write or email us at
    3. Call us at +971 4 3637470
    4. Use the online form below

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