Products & Services

“FFA Research Division is committed to provide its clients and the larger investment community the proper knowledge and tools to make informed investment decisions”.
FFA Private Bank Research focuses on delivering the highest quality economic, sector, and company insights. Published reports include economics, equity, and advisory research to help individual and institutional clients navigate domestic, regional and global markets. FFA Private Bank Research is constantly committing itself to maintain the highest level of quality, independence and objectivity in its various publications.

Research reports include:

1. Economics Research

Economics Research provides comprehensive insights and in-depth analysis on domestic, regional and international economic trends. Our economics publications include the following:
  • Globanomics”: A quarterly dashboard of economic indicators on specific markets including the United States, Eurozone, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Canada, Russia and India emphasizing significant economic developments.
  • Lebanomics”: An annual in-depth look into Lebanese-related indicators, which reviews specific economic and financial data, aimed at providing an unbiased and factual overview of the Lebanese economy.
  • Lebanon Economic Highlights”: A quarterly report reflecting the current state of the economy in Lebanon through the analysis of monetary and financial developments.
  • Lebanon Inflation Watch”: A monthly publication providing CPI data, giving insights on Lebanon’s main drivers affecting price stability.

2. Equity Research

Equity Research performs fundamental analysis for company and industry reports. Its areas of coverage encompass an in-depth analysis of FFA Private Bank Research’s covered universe which comprise of Bank Audi, Blom Bank, Byblos Bank and Solidere representing the majority of the Beirut Stock Exchange market capitalization, through "Flash Notes" and "Research Updates"; Equity Research also covers “Lebanese Banks - Earnings Preview” and "Research Coverage Universe”.

Company Research:

FFA Private Bank uses its expertise to analyze, compare and provide earnings and valuation estimates through quarterly "Flash Notes" and/or "Research Updates". In addition to covering listed companies, our FFA Private Bank Research maintains its comprehensive view by following major players in its covered sectors in domestic and regional markets.

Industry Research:

  • Lebanese Banks - Earnings Preview”: A quarterly publication providing a detailed study of the domestic banking sector and its main drivers, as well as a focused analysis of its largest banks covered by FFA Private Bank Research.
  • Research Coverage Universe”: A monthly report monitoring the performance of companies under coverage and their domestic peers as well as other publicly traded companies on the Beirut Stock Exchange.

3. Research Advisory

Research Advisory aims at highlighting developments in the financial markets with weekly reports on global markets as well as presenting interesting research/trade ideas on selected companies.
  • “FFA Weekly Market Insights”: A weekly report focusing on stock market performance of US, Europe and Emerging Markets as well as rates, commodities and currencies, reviewing upcoming events and releases with potential impact on global markets.
  • Research/Trade Ideas”: A periodic report which outlines a favored company using largely fundamental analysis of its competitive strengths, its management depth, its financial conditions, and its growth outlook among other criteria.
  • “Performance of Research Ideas”: A monthly report outlining performance on a monthly and YTD basis of proposed research/trade ideas.