Products & Services

Corporate Finance Advisory

From valuations to mergers and acquisitions, we develop value-added solutions to achieve our clients’ objectives. Our Corporate Finance Advisory services include:


We perform valuation models for privately owned companies using a range of methodologies. Valuations are used for different purposes such as mergers and acquisitions, sale of a company stake as well as financial advisory services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist in identifying and evaluating potential merger and acquisition targets, providing valuation analyses, evaluating and proposing financial and strategic alternatives. We also advise as to the timing, structure, financing and pricing of a proposed merger or acquisition and assist in negotiating and closing the transaction.

Sell-side Advisory

We assist companies that are contemplating the sale of their business, assets or an entire company by evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives, advising on the appropriate sales process, assisting in preparing an offering memorandum or other appropriate sales materials. We also search for the appropriate strategic and financial investors.

Initial Public Offerings

We advise on IPOs to be listed on different MENA stock exchanges for companies that have attained a certain stage of maturity.

Financial Restructuring

We conduct detailed business due diligence in connection with restructurings. This includes analyzing historical performance and evaluating business plans, liquidity needs and debt capacity as well as developing long-term strategy and financial projections.