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FFA Private Bank Group Launches FFA Walks Lebanon!

28, Mar. 2017 News

FFA Walks Lebanon is a project launched by FFA Private Bank Group, in order to unite the Lebanese society through its diversity, heritage and culture. FFA Walks aims to visit and discover each and every mountain in Lebanon, listen to its stories and explore its identity.


FFA Walks Stage 1: Ain Zhalta. Located in Chouf District, Ain Zhalta is a very important area we had to highlight in our mission to go back to our Lebanese Roots and uncover its unexposed history @Ain Zhalta- Bmohray Cedar Forest.


FFA Walks Stage 2: The Grande Coulée. The FFA Team marched all the way from the Peak Faraya Mzaar to up to the Sannine Peak, our joy was indescribable when we found at the top an Old Stone Church and the remains of a Roman Temple. These unbelievable surprises did not just stop here, we were lucky enough to visit the breathtaking church of Dar Mar Sassine at Bakish before we headed back home.


 FFA Walks Stage 3: Beirut. An archeological and cultural trek on a stormy Saturday was more than enough to enrich our minds and soul of how Authentic this city is. However We can’t help but to crave for more to learn from the base of our Lebanese Culture.


 FFA Walks Stage 4: Akkar. Like no other place we’ve ever been to! 3 unforgettable days we spent hiking and exploring Qobayat and Qamouaa. Everything was just perfect, stage 4 was filled with natural beauty, endemic wildlife, and clean air. This visit gave our existence as humans and Lebanese a totally different visualization.


What will the next stages bring? Follow FFA Walks Lebanon for breath-taking photos of Lebanon, and the various traditions of its regions. Listen to our stories, Walk with us:


Instagram: FFAWalksLebanon