FFA Direct

FFA Direct Online Trading platform allows clients to trade online or through their smartphones in all kinds of financial instruments globally.

Whether you are an individual investor or a professional trader, you can now trade equities, stocks, options, ETFs, bonds and mutual funds, all from a single platform: FFA Direct.


No matter which financial product you trade, benefit from

  • 24-hour trading.
  • Direct Trading without a broker.
  • Instant order execution.
  • 24 hours real-time back office tools to check your trade confirmations, account updates, balances and positions...
  • Market news, research and insights, articles, educational resources and much more…
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

Stocks and Stock Options

Trade stocks on all major exchanges and use options to anticipate rising or falling markets.
  • Access to major international markets (UK, Europe and US) and a growing number of regional and frontier Arab/ GCC markets.
  • Refine your investment strategy through short selling, stock lending and margin lending.
  • Employ leverage to gain more exposure to stocks: up to 2:1 leverage on US stocks.
  • Benefit from our competitive interest rates.

Bonds and Mutual Funds

Incorporate capital preservation products in your portfolio. Access a broad range of fixed income securities and professionally managed funds to meet your short and long-term investment objectives.
  • Access to over 8,000 funds from the world’s top fund managers such as Goldman Sachs, Black Rock, and Fidelity. Screened and scored to make sure that only the best funds are selected to fit your investment strategies.
  • Select bonds according to currency and maturity.
  • Monitor online your portfolio holdings.



LB +961 1 985 888 or DXB +971 4 363 74 70
24/7 FFA Direct Chat Support: +961 3 30 26 36