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Heritages Movie Premiere

26, Mar. 2014 News

FFA Private Bank hosted the premiere of Philippe Aractingi’s latest movie Heritages, produced by Fantascope Production, on March 26th at Grand Cinemas in ABC Achrafieh. Co-financed by FFA Private Bank, Heritages is an endearing family story that depicts the turmoil history of the Levant and the journey of those who were exposed to exile.


The movie, directed by Philippe Aractingi, describes the Aractingi family’s repetitive exiles from Lebanon across generations, and revisits the history of the Levant along the way. Philippe sets on a journey through history to understand and pass on its lessons. His ancestors’ itinerary is confronted by that of Middle Eastern history: the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the French mandate, the creation of Israel, Pan-Arabism, the Lebanese civil war and beyond. As history continues to repeat itself, the film leads to the universal questions: can one find peace in exile? Should we unshackle ourselves from our heritage to be free?


Franco-Lebanese director Philippe Aractingi has made over 40 films all over the world, ranging from news reports and documentaries to more personal films. In 2004, his musical Bosta became a huge success in Lebanon and throughout the Arab world. His second feature film Under the Bombs, made during the July 2006 Lebanon war, was selected for the 64th Venice Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival, and won the Golden Muhr at Dubai Film festival in 2007 and more than 23 prizes so far. Both films were Lebanon’s selection for the Academy Awards in 2007 and 2009 respectively